BBQ for Books

Join us on August 10th between 5 and 8:30 PM for some finger licking BBQ. Proceeds will go to Madison Reading Project's book giving programs. Pop Up book shop with Mystery to Me and live music. You can eat in or carry out and take home to the family. #literacyisdelicious #BBQforBooks #community Special thanks to our sponsors: ABR Employment Services, Arrow Design Group, Cinnaire, Double S BBQ, Mystery To Me Bookstore, & Texas Exes

Book Review: "The Naturals All In" by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

"The Naturals All" is about a team of teenage crime solvers. They are involved in a special program for the F.B.I and use their unique abilities to help solve cases. In this book they are trying to solve a case about who is killing people in the open and writing a series of numbers on the victims’ wrists. Cassie, one of the crime solvers, is distracted because the police just found her mother’s body. I like this book because it has a lot of suspense and you can try and solve the mystery along with them. Another reason I like this book is because it has mystery and romance in it. Finally, I think that their abilities are really impressive. I would recommend this book to people who like solvin

Watch the full interview: Channel 3000 WISC TV

Click the photo to watch the whole interview with Adam Schrager and Dannika Lewis. Hear some of our summer reading tips and why we encourage you to get your kids involved in our book reviews by kids. #summerslide #bookreviews #readeverything #readandwrite

Book review: Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated is my favorite magazine to read. It gives you information on all sports, athletes and games. I like reading all of the articles. It has things that you can do the in the magazine, like matching games, find the missing detail and quizzes. I also like the free posters inside the magazine to take out and keep. My favorite thing in the magazine is EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my favorite athletes is Aaron Rodgers. He plays for the Green Bay Packers and is a really good athlete. I like that he helps lots of charities and people. I look forward to reading Sports Illustrated and Sports Illustrated Teen every month at the library. Cole (10) That'

Book Review: Squirrel Nutkin by Beatrix Potter

Squirrel Nutkin is obnoxious. He and his brother twinkleberry have many cousins. One day Nutkin, twinklberry and his cousins made little rafts out of twigs and spread out their tails as a sails to get to the owl's island. Each day the squirrels would bring a present to the old owl, Mr. Brown. Nutkin always went along but was very impertinent. At the end of the story Squirrel Nutkin and Mr. Brown get into a fight. Nutkin barely makes it out of there alive but loses his tail. The moral of the story is that being rude will always get you into trouble. By: Sonja (8)

Book Review: Jinx by Sage Blackwood

Jinx by Sage Blackwood Jinx is a young boy who is cursed by his own name. Whenever he has a parent or guardian, misfortune meets them in terrible ways. Jinx lives with his step-parents until he gets lost in the woods one day. A kind and well-known forest wizard named Simon finds Jinx and takes him in as his apprentice. Simon works with other creators of magic, witches and wizards, in harmony. Jinx tries to learn difficult spells from Simon who, kind as he is, can be hard on his young apprentice, Jinx. Soon Jinx learns of an evil wizard trying to overthrow Simon to take his magic and rule over the Urwald forest. Can Jinx stop this villain before it’s too late? Jinx is book one in a trilogy. I

Books, Outreach and Partnerships

Here's a look into one of the places our books go and how our outreach works. We work with many organizations, nonprofits, schools and social workers. Our aim is to help provide books and literacy activities to them. Madison Reading Project works with each group to see what the best fit is for their group and children. By finding out which each group specifically needs we can pull the appropriate type of books. That could be genre, reading level, chapter books, gender, topics or even specific books groups would like to have in their libraries to share with kids. Last week we partnered with YWCA Madison to help update and bring more books and literacy to their center. 325 books were donated

Sawyer's book review: Dr. Seuss

Sawyer review two Dr. Seuss stories, "I can lick thirty tigers today" and "King Looie Katz". Thank you Sawyer for bringing back classic Dr. Seuss to our review pages. Who wants to lick 30 Tigers?! Both stories can be found in the same book, "I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today! and Other Stories"

Aliens and Space Book Reviews by Eli

Eli from Mount Horeb shared two reviews. "Hilo the boy who crashed to earth" by Judd Winick and "Big Nate blasts off" by Lincoln Peirce. Which book would you read first based on Eli's book reviews? Thanks for the summer reading recomendations.

Book Reviews by Kids- here they come!

Mia shared the book, "Boris Gets a Lizard" with us by author Andrew Joyner. We love Mia's review and artwork. Nice job! Great detail on the lizard illustrations.

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