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Board of Directors

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Sarah Brenden
Board President

​I am a lifelong Madison area resident and have chosen to raise my family here, as well.  I went to High School in Monona, college at UW Madison and have been growing my career as a Private Banker for Park Bank in Madison for nearly 12 years. I love my community bank and appreciate their dedication to our clients and focus on giving back to the community in which they do business. I've always loved volunteering for groups that I find meaningful. Some of my favorite organizations include, Luke House, Empty Stocking Club, the Ronald McDonald House, Garding Against Cancer, and I'm also currently a Board Member with the Fitchburg Chamber Visitor and Business Bureau.


I'm an avid reader and believe that the skills and opportunities that result from an early, healthy relationship with books are essential to the fabric of our communities. Providing reading materials for youngsters to cherish and meaningful programming in our communities in an effort to champion literacy is a benefit to us all.

I joined the MRP Board to lend my time and skills to a cause I believe in.

corinda - Copy.jpg
Corinda Rainey Moore
Board Vice President

Corinda Rainey-Moore is currently the Community Engagement Manager at UnityPoint Health Meriter. In this role she is she is responsible for the Community Health Needs Assessment, Community Benefits and Community building activities. Her passion is healthcare, racial justice and equity, advocacy, networking and bridging relationships. Corinda has two master degrees in Communications and Community Mental Health with an emphasis on Substance Abuse. She is currently working on her doctoral degree in Educational Leadership at Edgewood College. 

Corinda has resided in Madison for over 39 years and currently spends much of her time volunteering to help marginalized communities. Corinda is currently the President of the Equal Opportunities Commission, Board President of Safe Communities, President of Urban League of Greater Madison Guild and President of The Madison Network of Black Professionals.

I joined MRP because I love the concept of working with kids to decrease the disparities around literacy. I also wanted a chance to be able to give back to our community and be able to work with youths to let them know that they can be and do whatever they set their minds to do. I know that literacy is the gateway to opportunities and access to opportunities. I am passionate about MRP because of the trajectory that can literally change the outcomes for our youths particularly youths of color. I also love the fact that MRP works collaboratively with MMSD and other community members to get books into the hands of the kids who needs them. I also know that once kids are able to read it can be life changing.

Jennifer Graf.jpg

I believe that literacy is the foundation on which individual success and healthy communities are built. 

I was fortunate enough to grow up with my own full bookshelf and within an easy bike ride to the local library. As a result, I became an avid reader and was often away on some great adventure in the pages of my favorite books. 
As part of the Madison Reading Project I would like to help ensure that more local children are given the resources and tools to develop a love of reading and learning so that they can reach their full potential and in turn pursue their own adventures.

I came to Madison to attend the University of Wisconsin and after a few years away I returned to the community that I love. I am currently working to increase the literacy rate in Dane County by encouraging my grade school son to love books and reading.

Jennifer Graf
Board Secretary
chirs l.jpeg
Chris Laurent
Board Treasurer

My parents made sure that I started reading when I was very young - I was well into Dr. Seuss by the age of four. It opened a lot of doors for me, as a quiet, introspective kid it gave me confidence in my growing knowledge about the world around me. I’ve built on that base with good public speaking skills and a love of numbers and problem-solving skills that serve me well in my role leading our Cinnaire’s real estate development affiliate. Our firm is committed to making sure that everyone in our communities has access to the opportunities created by living in healthy communities.

I live in Oregon and have constant support with my family - two grown daughters in the area - and my fiancé and her two children. I actively serve on boards throughout Madison and Milwaukee - particularly those that address issues of homelessness or providing opportunities for less advantaged people. In my free time, I play guitar, enjoy travel, hiking, and camping in our teardrop trailer throughout the country.

Jaclyn Vitela Jacqmin
Board Member
With the encouragement of family members, dedicated teachers, and librarians, I became an avid reader as a child. Even though I grew up surrounded by books, few of them authentically represented my experiences as a multiracial girl. I want today’s young readers to be surrounded by books that represent their identities and experiences. Understanding the importance of representation in children’s literature is foundational to Madison Reading Project (MRP), which strives to provide children with high quality books that represent diverse identities and interests. It is my privilege to lead a board with this mission. ​


I am completely dedicated to Madison Reading Project’s mission. Both my personal and professional experiences have led me to recognize the importance of providing children with culturally and linguistically sustaining books. Access to these books foster the belief within all children that they belong in every room today and tomorrow. Madison Reading Project gives children opportunities to develop the literacy skills needed to thrive academically, personally, and professionally.

Hatlen, Jenny.jpg
Jennifer Hatlan
Board Member

I have lived in the Milwaukee or Madison area for most of my life. I am a University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Graduate. I have recently volunteered for Madison Reading Project and have been impressed with the organization and the number of lives this organization has touched. My husband and I have three sons who all attend college in Wisconsin. I feel blessed and very passionate to be part of an organization that impacts children’s lives and allows children a means to succeed. Throughout my professional career, I have served in a variety of leadership, community and professional committees.

 I currently work at TASC (Total Administrative Services Corporation) as the Manager of Business Intelligence and Data. At TASC, I am also the Chairperson for the Woman’s United at TASC Philanthropy team. I am happy to be a part of a company that takes philanthropy very seriously and supports many charities in Dane County and across the country.

I enjoy volunteering in the community, and I feel that I can contribute to the continued success of the Madison Reading Project. I believe strongly in the initiative and approach that Madison Reading Project has taken on. I have three kids currently in college and understand the impact that reading plays in the development of every child.

Andrew Joudrey.jpg
Andrew Joudrey 
Board Member

I am married to my high school sweetheart (also a 'Canuck') Sandy, father to my two kids, Davison (9) and Lennon (5), and father to our other canine children, two black labradors named Cooper and Bruce. 

I am originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and fell in love with Madison in August of 2003 when I first moved here for college. After being away for 10+ years following graduation, we moved back to the area to raise our family here. We live in Middleton and love the sense of community that greater Madison offers. 

I firmly believe that a book allows children (and adults) to escape and create their own world within the literature. Regardless of what outside factors may be present, getting lost in a book is an amazing adventure. I believe MRP provides an incredible opportunity for children to experience that adventure and allow their mind to escape and create from within. MRP removes all barriers for children to embrace this time and encourages kids to dive headfirst into reading and exploring.

David O'Connor 
Board Member
jennifer peters headshot.jpg
Jenni Peters
Board Member

I am a mother, partner, human resources executive, leadership coach, DEI advocate and l love how a new book feels in my hands. For the last 15 years, I have worked in human resources and I am currently the Chief Human Resources Officer at the State Bar of Wisconsin. Prior to that, I worked as a counselor and social worker with children and families in Georgia and West Virginia. I have led organizations to be listed as a Best Place to Work in the US, created award winning health and safety programs and spearheaded workplace diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.


There is nothing like the anticipation and excitement of opening a new book and sinking into the journey you are about to embark on. It's even better when you are watching a child experience it. I believe all children should have access and opportunity to the world of imagination, creativity and wonder that books provide. It is a developmental building block that creates the foundation for a lifelong love of learning and reading. I want to be a part of helping to make that happen for the children and families in our community. Joining MRP is one small way I am trying to make a difference.

Jannyce Rodriguez-Duverge.jpg
Jannyce Rodriguez-Duverge 
Board Member

I was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico. I'm half Puerto Rican and half Dominican as my mother is Dominican and my father is Puerto Rican. I have one brother. I have been happily married for 20 years to an amazing man. We have two children and two dogs. I graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelors' degree on Child and Family Studies with a focus on Child Development. 


My professional career has always been centered on children and family work. It is my passion! I love watching all team sports. My favorite teams are Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers and New York Yankees, and Iowa State Cyclones and follow the UW-Madison Badgers. My free time is spent with family and friends. My favorite activities include biking, walking, boating, swimming, painting, crafting, home decorating, and watching Netflix.


My passion has always been the well-being of children and families and the work that MRP does is focused on that. I joined the board because I've reached the time in my professional career and life where I can give some of my time and commitment to MRP, and because I strongly belief in the work that MRP does.  

tammy 2020 1.jpeg

I joined the MRP board because I firmly believe in the mission of getting books to children in need in our community. I was shocked to learn that over two thirds of children living in poverty do not have books at home. I am honored to be part of an organization that addresses the low literacy rates of underserved children. Once children know how to read and enjoy reading they understand that books have the power to change a life.

I am passionate getting books into the hands of children and helping children develop a love for reading. I believe the love of reading is a stepping stone to becoming an enthusiastic and confident learner, reader, writer and speaker. With confidence and enthusiasm, children can enjoy a amazing world of learning and exploration.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, traveling, volunteering, live music/theater and spending time with family and friends.

Tammy Rozek 
Board Member
Steven Stack (2).jpg
Steven Stack 
Board Member

My time as a teacher has taken me from South Carolina to Wisconsin, teaching various ages, subject matters, and in a variety of atmospheres. During my time in South Carolina, I also completed my master’s degree in Divergent Learning, a program that opened my eyes to the complexities of working with the entire student population and providing me many tools that helped evolve my teaching. Marriage took me to Wisconsin, where I had the privilege of working at two phenomenal schools, Spring Harbor and JCW Middle School. A second child led to me working from home and focusing on creating and teaching online writing classes, creating instructional courses for teachers all over the world who work with students of all ages with Theatrefolk, an educational and play publishing company. I also focused on creating plays for students that are fun, challenging, appeal to their unique experiences, and teach essential lessons. I have written 24 published plays, and my first book came out last October.


I live in Mt. Horeb with my two wonderful daughters, and besides spending my time being goofy with them, I enjoy hiking, reading, watching cheesy movies, and teaching acting at Forte Studios. I’m excited to play a role with the Madison Reading Project. Besides adoring books myself, I’ve seen firsthand the joy that reading brings to my two children. I love seeing the excitement flow out of them whenever they are talking about what’s going on in whatever they’re reading, the elation when they find out a new fact, the emotion they feel when something happens that they weren’t expecting it to, the joy of watching them add new words to their vocabulary, and the peace that reading gives them when the world was a little too much that day. All because of a book. 


I joined the board because as a teacher, writer, and reader, I am incredibly passionate about the power of the written word and the thought of playing a role in making sure that students have access to a variety of comprehensive books makes me extremely happy. It’s easy to be passionate about something when you firmly believe in its mission.

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