Each Madison Reading Project program provides the time and opportunity for children to engage with literacy on multiple levels. We provide engagement with reading materials as well as activities that promote creativity and building literacy skills. Madison Reading Project partners with schools in the south central area in order to provide special programming opportunities.


Madison Reading Project works with each school in order to assess the level of need and provide the appropriate level of programming. If you are a school faculty member or know of a school who would be interested in partnering with us please read below to learn more about the types of programming we offer and to learn how to contact us. 


For school programs Madison Reading Project offers the following grade-based services:


  • Preschool - Kindergarten: Book of the Month Storytime and accompanying age-based art and literacy activities.

  • 1st - 2nd Grade: Book of the Month Storytime and accompanying age-based art and literacy activities.

  • 3rd - 5th Grade: Collaborative Literacy Activity and Book Sharing

  • 6th - 8th Grade: Book Giveaway event


In order to set up a partnership with a local school, Madison Reading Project requires an initial meeting with the school principal, librarian, and social worker if possible. If you are interested in setting up an initial meeting please contact our programming team at

For programming or book requests,

please complete our Programming / Book Request form

Please note that when requesting books we do not use leveled reading systems in our office such as: Lexile, Common Core, or DRA. Book selections are based on grade and age level to the best of the selecting librarian’s judgement. 

Madison Reading Project Partner Schools:


Cardinal Heights Upper Middle School - Sun Prairie
Chávez Elementary - Madison
Cherokee Middle School- Madison
Eagle Point Elementary - Deforest
Elvehjem Elementary, Madison
Falk Elementary- Madison
Glendale Elementary- Madison
Fruzen Intermediate - Beloit
Hawthorne Elementary - Madison
Kennedy Elementary - Madison
Lakeview Elementary - Madison
Lapham Elementary - Fitchburg
Leopold Elementary School - Madison
Lighthouse Christian School - Madison
Lincoln Elementary - Madison
Lindberg Elementary- Madison
Lowell Elementary - Madison

Marshall ELC and Middle School - Marshall
Mendota Elementary - Madison
Middleton School District
Mount Horeb Elementary - Mount Horeb
Northside Elementary - Sun Prairie
Nuestro Mundo - Monona
Orchard Ridge Elementary - Madison
Royal Oaks Elementary - Sun Prairie
Sandburg Elementary - Madison
Schenk Elementary - Madison
Sennett Middle School - Madison
Stephens Elementary - Madison
Sugar Creek Elementary - Verona
Toki Middle School - Madison
Wright Middle School - Madison

Photos: Michelle Wimmer

Madison Reading Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible. 

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