Books sorted and picked with care

This week we had reading materials go out to Early Head Start and Lutheran Social Services. Agency workers or school social workers work with Madison Reading Project to make sure we select the right reading levels and genres for readers. For each school or agency we can offer a variety of books and magazines to choose from. We have found that when kids are able to pick their own books the literacy gauge goes up. The child is more likely to read the book because they selected it themselves. Each book comes with a name plate sticker so they can write in their name. Book ownership is important specially to those who don't have a bookcase full of books at home.

If you have a special club or genre you are looking for please let us know. We also have a wide library of magazines available to us via Magazine Literacy. They offer children, teen and adult magazines to us at no cost.

All books have been sorted and organized by volunteers to make sure all donated books are in good shape. They are sorted by interest and level with great care and love. Agencies and schools can contact us via our forms or click here.

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