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With many book orders going out to area schools and agencies we need books coming in. Think of it just like a food pantry but for books. A great way to help out is to host a book drive. You can do this with a group of friends, at a business or a church. We have had groups get creative on how to get the word out but we know that letting people have time to go through their own books or purchase books ahead of your drive is helpful. For more information and to get started please contact Rowan Childs. We can make custom artwork to print off or to use on social media with your name, business name and logo. Below is Rachel and Brenda from Mount Horeb GrandStay and Little Vikings Academy. The two businesses teamed up to collect books together. Get creative and help bring reading materials to vulnerable kids and teens in SW Wisconsin.

#communitystrong #sharebooks #wisconsin #bookdrive

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