Book Review: Jinx by Sage Blackwood

Jinx by Sage Blackwood

Jinx is a young boy who is cursed by his own name. Whenever he has a parent or guardian, misfortune meets them in terrible ways. Jinx lives with his step-parents until he gets lost in the woods one day. A kind and well-known forest wizard named Simon finds Jinx and takes him in as his apprentice. Simon works with other creators of magic, witches and wizards, in harmony. Jinx tries to learn difficult spells from Simon who, kind as he is, can be hard on his young apprentice, Jinx. Soon Jinx learns of an evil wizard trying to overthrow Simon to take his magic and rule over the Urwald forest. Can Jinx stop this villain before it’s too late? Jinx is book one in a trilogy. I loved all the shocking twists and turns of the plot throughout this series. It’s easy to care about all the characters immensely. I think kids ages 9-12 who like fantasy and thrilling adventure will enjoy this trilogy.

Flora (10)

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