Books, Outreach and Partnerships

Here's a look into one of the places our books go and how our outreach works.

We work with many organizations, nonprofits, schools and social workers. Our aim is to help provide books and literacy activities to them. Madison Reading Project works with each group to see what the best fit is for their group and children. By finding out which each group specifically needs we can pull the appropriate type of books. That could be genre, reading level, chapter books, gender, topics or even specific books groups would like to have in their libraries to share with kids.

Last week we partnered with YWCA Madison to help update and bring more books and literacy to their center. 325 books were donated to be used in their early childhood program, library and shelter area. The library pictured is for the shelter area and will act as a little free library. Lisa Xiong pictured is the children's program director and was so grateful for our help and support of the YWCA. She now has 30 used books that she herself hand selected for her classroom as well as 60 new books that she can give to families that are moving out. Zendesk employees volunteered their muscle to help us move the books there.

Know of a group that could use our help? Or would you like to help? Contact us today!

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