Guest Author Post with Kai Leakes

I fell in love with the way words could be used to take me into another world of my choosing. Fantasy became my go-to because of that reason. I could become anyone I wanted. If I picked up a romance novel, I could feel what love could be. If I read an action book, I could feel what it would be like to kick butt and be a super heroine. Because of that, books became my addition. The problem only came through representation. Representation and having the ability to see yourself in books without changing the words to fit yourself, is a must! It is the first thing that grabs a reader, especially children. This helps with literacy, in word development and overall education. If a book doesn't engage you and crafts a diverse world that reflects the reality of who we are in the nation, in our communities, then its not worth reading. Books gave me the foundation to have a wonderful imagination and the need for diversity/representation in books gave me the foundation to write. We need diverse books, for children and adults. Let's craft it!

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