Read Like Mad- Prizes and Winners

Random Prize Winners

Those who were random prize winners throughout the game received either Gigi's Cupcakes OR a bag of Just Coffee beans!

Jennifer Johnson, Daniel Cooper, Valerie Edwards, Amy Frederiksen, Kathy Braun (on behalf of her mother Mimi), Araceli Esparaza, & Brooke Norsted

Most Funds Raised: $185 raised by Daniel Cooper

Daniel receives a 6-month subscription to the Wisconsin State Journal. (Fun fact: Daniel was our youngest player, at 11 years old. He wrote in that he understood this was a game for adults, but he was "up for a challenge" and boy did he blow our minds! WOW!)

Third Grand Prize: Araceli Esparaza read 10 books!

A gift basket for any book lover: Books from local publisher, Little Creek Press, a gift certificate to Mystery To Me Book Store, a gift certificate to Yola’s Cafe and a Madison Reading Project shirt. (Fun fact: Araceli is a huge supporter of the Madison Reading Project, who's a poet and dreams of creating her own children's book)

Second Grand Prize: Kathy Braun read 16 books!

A beautifully painted Little Free Library, filled with books so she can get started right away, and a Madison Reading Project shirt. (Fun Fact: Kathy Braun played on behalf of her mother, Mimi Braun, who is the reason for Kathy's love of reading)

Grand Prize: Daniel Cooper read 37 books (in only 7 weeks!)

Lunch with a top journalist from Wisconsin State Journal at Liliana's Restaurant. Afterward, Daniel will tour the press room and attend a press meeting. Additional goodies include a Madison Reading Project shirt and a signed copy of a Phil Hands cartoon.

(Fun fact: Daniel also received the Most Funds Raised award, and has already met Phil Hands before! What fate!)

Congratulations to everyone who won a prize, and everyone who played!!!

Read Like Mad is an adult reading challenge to remind us of the importance of reading. All proceeds benefit children's reading programs run by the Madison Reading Project for vulnerable children in Dane County.

A final THANK YOU to our sponsors:

Wisconsin State Journal, Little Free Library, Liliana's, Pop Dot, Gigi's Cupcakes, Just Coffee Co-Op, Yola's Cafe, Mystery to Me Bookstore, and Little Creek Press and Book Design.

Just by playing Read Like Mad, you're helping give books to a child in our own neighborhoods, so they can grow a love for reading.

Thanks for playing!

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