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Donate Books

Thank you for your interest in donating books to Madison Reading Project.  Since 2013 with the help of help of our generous community, we have been able to give away over 150,000 book to kids. 

Here are some ways to donate books and program materials to MRP:

Please make sure to read through our Donation Guidelines carefully. With respect to our staff’s very limited time, we greatly appreciate your help in making sure books meet our guidelines.


All book donations will be received at our Book Center by appointment only. Click here to schedule your appointment.

Donation Guidelines

We strive to provide kids with high quality books with fun and engaging content that is relevant and reflective of their cultural and linguistic diversity.  In order to provide kids with the best possible book experience we have created the guidelines below.  

Donation Guidelines
We gratefully accept:
  • Appropriate and relevant content, which means:

    • No harmful stereotypes in text or illustrations 

    • No  books with religious or religious holiday themes

    • Newer than 10 years

  • Fiction and nonfiction, ages birth to teen

  • Hardcover or paperback books in new or like- new condition 

    • No rips, tears or damage to cover or pages

    • No stickers, or labels on the cover or inside

    • No handwritten messages, stamps on the inside cover over 2x2”

    • No books that are dusty, moldy, musty or discolored

  • Titles (new or like new) from our Wish Lists

We cannot accept the following items:
  • Audio or video (CD’s, DVD’s, Cassette or VHS tapes)

  • Clearly outdated materials 

  • Coloring or sticker books

  • Computer equipment, software, peripherals

  • Damaged books with broken bindings, missing, soiled,musty, moldy, smoke or water damage pages, or with excessive markings

  • Encyclopedias/ Dictionaries/Thesaurus

  • Large quantities of loose books

  • Magazines, workbooks or study guides 

  • Test preparation guides

  • Textbooks

  • Toys, games, puzzles, artwork, puzzle or word game books

Alternate Donation Options

If you have items that you are interested in donating that do not meet our specific donation guidelines (including books for adults), we encourage you to check out these other options for donations.


Updated: March 2020

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