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What We Do

Madison Reading Project staff and volunteers are dedicated to collecting and selecting books that are exciting, engaging, and diverse for age levels from birth to teenagers. We distribute books--no charge-- at various community locations where we can have the greatest impact helping kids who need our support the most. Children are invited to explore our bookshelves and select a book or two to take home. 

The books we pass along are mostly new and gently used. They arrive at our Book Center via donations, employer-sponsored book drives (we offer a complete kit here on hosting a drive), grants, generous individuals, philanthropic foundations, schools, community organizations and clubs, local businesses, and more. We also hold several fundraisers every year. We take advantage of buying in bulk, often at below market pricing, thanks to generous corporate donors. 

When donated books arrive at our Book Center, staff and volunteers ​evaluate and curate the book, determining its reading level, and place them on shelves. Then, prior to distribution, staff retrieve books that are age-, subject- and language-applicable to readers at the location to be visited. That ensures our free books match the demographics of our young readers and are more likely to be appreciated and treasured. 

Children are encouraged to build home libraries, share their books with others, and enjoy them as a family. 

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