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Cozy Books to Welcome Winter

This collection of winter books may be specific to a season but the stories are universal. They are warmhearted, thoughtful and inclusive. These books are perfect for cuddling inside with a cup of hot chocolate or even before bundling up to enjoy the beauty of winter.

You can read about some of our favorites below. For the complete list of recommended books, visit our Bookshop.

The Little Forest Keepers

Author/Illustrator: Mary Lundquist | Publisher: Balzer + Bray

“A winter wonderland of a picture book about being kind to friends and strangers alike, perfect for the holiday season.

Ash and Pudd take care of everyone in the woods, from their furry and feathered friends to the shivering trees. But then one day, a strange new creature appears in the forest. Could it be a new friend?

This story about kindness and generosity is as cozy and sweet as a mug of hot chocolate on a chilly day.”

Wibble, Wobble, Boom

Author: Mary Ann Rodman | Illustrator: Holly Sterling | Publisher: Peachtree Publishers

“Today's my first ice skating class. I'll fly through the air, land on one foot, and spin so fast you can't see me!

Claire can't wait to get out on the ice and skate, skate, skate! She's going to jump, leap, and twirl! Just you wait--pretty soon she'll be on TV and dazzling audiences everywhere. But when Claire and her mom arrive at the Ice Center for Claire's very first skate lesson, it's not everything Claire was dreaming it would be. Beginners wear ugly brown skates, and who wants to practice marching in place when you can get right to it? But not so fast, Claire! One overeager foot on the ice, and…




In this humorous tale of expectation meets reality, Claire discovers beautiful performances require lots of skill, and it's going to take many small failures and perseverance if she wants to skate like a pro.”

Hiders Seekers, Finders Keepers

Author: Jessica Kulekjian | Illustrator: Salini Perera | Publisher: Kids Can Press

"A poetic and informative exploration of the many ways animals face the challenges of winter. When the autumn days grow shorter and the temperatures cool, animals prepare for winter. Some, the hiders, choose a place to rest and wait out the winter, hibernating under the ground or snuggling in a sheltered spot. Other creatures are seekers, migrating to new locations where the weather is milder and the food sources more plentiful. And then there are the finders, who keep warm and fed by adapting to the new conditions. Every animal knows just what to do --- following an ingenious plan that's just right for them!

This is also a perfect read-aloud for a snowy day!"