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Young Adult Book to Television/Movie Adaptations

Reading books that have visual adaptations has many benefits and can be fun for readers of all ages. Books with film or television adaptations can help reluctant readers find texts that they are already invested in, and deepen connections for enthusiastic readers. Readers may find it easier to connect to familiar characters and storylines, and whether they end up being pleased or disappointed with the adaptation - there is always a lot to discuss! It is also a great way to see the image you create while reading come to life.

Contemporary books with tv/movie adaptations can also be an excellent tool for adults who want to foster connection with teens. Educators can use them to encourage further immersion into a book or topic, and lively discussion and analysis. Caregivers can also use them to build kinship with teens who may not otherwise be interested in sharing what they are reading and/or watching.

This collection of young adult book recommendations represents an authentic and diverse set of characters, and a variety of lived experiences. Each of these books resonated so much with readers that they were turned into tv series or movies. Whether you prefer to read before you watch or vice versa, below are some of our favorite YA books that have already been adapted or are coming soon to a screen near you.

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Watch These Now:

There’s Someone Inside Your House

Author: Stephanie Perkins | Publisher: Dutton Books for Young Readers

You can watch this movie on Netflix.

Shadow and Bone

Author: Leigh Bardugo | Publisher: Square Fish

Shadow and Bone tells the story of Alina and Mal — two people who have been best friends since they met at an orphanage when they were eight. Years later, after watching Mal experience a near-death experience, Alina discovers she not only has the power to save him but the power to possibly save her whole country. Once Alina discovers her powers, she's faced with a lot of new challenges, like how to use them, how to make and keep friends, and how to navigate being someone everyone relies on. The show Shadow and Bone also incorporates the characters from the next duology, Six of Crows. Find this series on Netflix.


Author: Walter Dean Myers | Publisher: Amistad

Written in the style of a movie script, Walter Dean Myers’ Monster tells the story of sixteen-year-old Steve Harmon, who is in prison on trial for murder. As Steve is pushed through the system and forced to reconcile with his potential future and moments that brought him to where he is, he turns to writing. Throughout his trial, Steve writes everything out as a script, just like a movie, depicting it scene by scene. An intense look into the criminal justice system for a young black boy with a unique and intriguing writing style. You can watch this movie on Netflix.


Author: Jennifer Mathieu | Publisher: Square Fish

For the rebellious feminist in your life! Moxie tells the story of Vivian Carter. She is sick and tired of the sexist policies and favoritism towards male athletes that dominate her high school. Following in her punk rock mother’s footsteps, Viv writes and distributes an