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Inclusive Books to Celebrate and Honor Father Figures

Father’s Day is June 19!

This inclusive list of books celebrating and honoring father figures shines a light on relationships between kids and the grown-ups who love them, including dads, uncles, grandpas and friends. These books are perfect for honoring the father figures in our lives!

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Below are some of our favorite recommendations for celebrating and honoring father figures.

The Bench

Author: Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex | Illustrator: Christian Robinson | Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers

This is a quintessential book to give to a new dad. The Bench showcases all types of special relationships between fathers and sons, and is told from the perspective of a mom. She shares how the relationship changes and evolves over the years, and the wonderment she feels witnessing their love and connection.

Each illustration thoughtfully and authentically represents diverse pairs of fathers and sons, and demonstrates them nurturing trust, courage, empathy, and comfort with each other.

Grandpa’s Stories

Author: Joseph Coelho | Illustrator: Allison Colpoys | Publisher: Abrams Books for Young Readers

“If all the world were memories, the past would be rooms I could visit, and in each room would be my grandpa.”

This is a beautiful story for any child or person who has grieved the loss of a beloved person in their life. Grandpa’s Stories is written from the perspective of a small child and details the special relationship she has with her grandfather. When he passes on, she discovers ways to honor and celebrate him every day.

Bathe the Cat

Author: Alice B. McGinty | Illustrator: David Roberts | Publisher: Chronicle Books

This hilarious story is certain to bring on a serious case of the giggles! Dad is anxious for his family to help clean the whole house before grandma arrives so he creates a list on the refrigerator and assigns everyone a task. The cat is NOT okay with the last item on the list, though, so they get clever and jumble the letters until every task makes less and less sense.

This book features incidental representation of a mixed-race two dad family, gorgeous high-lighter colored illustrations, and countless thoughtful details that just make this book shine.

Dad Bakes