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Multicultural Mythology Recommendations for YA Readers

Myths are often at the foundation of many cultures – they have formed stories, rituals, and events that are still relevant today. They illustrate the need to preserve our traditions and histories. Throughout time, they have served as inspiration for some of our most exciting and interesting stories.

Young readers are drawn to mythology for the excitement, world building, and connection to culture. Often, the stories that are represented in mainstream novels only portray a small percentage of the cultures in our society. This list of Multicultural Mythology Recommendations for YA Readers will excite readers even more; they will be able to see themselves and their peers showcased and learn more about other cultures that are often underrepresented.

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Author: Ellen Oh | Publisher: HarperTeen

In this exciting and riveting fantasy novel by author Ellen Oh, outcast Kira defies the odds by being the only female in the King’s army. She also is the Prince’s bodyguard, a dragon slayer, and the city of Hansong’s only hope as a demon invasion threatens their kingdom. Faced with an ambiguous prophecy, an evil shaman, and the Demon Lord, Kira and the Prince must try to survive while on the run.

Wicked Fox

Author: Kat Cho | Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers

The Bright & the Pale

Author: Jessica Rubinkowski | Publisher: Quill Tree Books

A Thousand Steps into Night

Author: Traci Chee | Publisher: Clarion Books

A Thousand Steps into Night is a Japanese-influenced fantasy novel full of adventure, gods, monsters, curses, and complications for main character Miuko.

Miuko is an ordinary girl resigned to a safe life as an innkeepers daughter in a realm where gods, monsters, and humans all exist together. Just as she begins to realize her life, although safe, may be uneventful, Miuko is cursed and begins to change into a demon with a deadly touch. As she commences a quest to reverse the curse, she is dealt tricksters, demon hunters, a demon prince, and feral gods, that she must escape if she wants to return home to her normal life. But the more she changes, the more power and freedom she receives - is saving her soul worth reverting back to her ordinary life that she may have never belonged to fully in the first place?