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20 Kids Books to Manifest a More Mindful New Year

Books about mindfulness can be powerful tools for supporting children’s overall mental health and wellbeing. When chosen with intention, they can help facilitate incredibly impactful conversations with kids and even help them develop new mindsets and practices.

We have compiled a list of books encouraging living in the present and being mindful of individual feelings, behaviors and experiences. We hope that all of these books help nurture more emotionally resilient children with healthier senses of self. You can shop for all these books on our Bookshop page.

Board Books
The Mindfulness Moments for Kids Series

Author: Kira Wiley | Illustrator: Anni Betts | Publisher: Rodale Kids

The Mindfulness Moments for Kids Series includes board books and picture books for children of all ages. Unlike a lot of picture books that are turned into board books, the board books in this series are completely age-appropriate. They simply break down more detailed content from the picture books into smaller chunks that are easily accessible for even the youngest readers. We especially love Bunny Breaths and Hot Cocoa Calm.

Both picture books, Breathe Like a Bear and Peaceful Like a Panda, include more than 30 mindfulness activities that can be done with kids anytime and anywhere. Once children get the hang of the exercises, they can be powerful tools for helping them regulate their bodies, breaths and emotions.


Author: Dr. Jillian Roberts | Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

This book normalizes all types of baby and toddler feelings, and serves as a calm down tool. It reminds grown-ups that they have the important role of sharing their calm with little ones when they need it most. The photographs of babies will be extra appealing to small children and also serve as a supportive tool for thinking aloud and modeling how to navigate big feelings.

Picture Books
Tisha and the Blossoms

Author: Wendy Meddour | Illustrator: Daniel Egeneus | Publisher: Candlewick

Everywhere young Tisha goes, she has to rush - to the bus, to clean-up before recess, and even during recess so she has enough time for lunch. When her school day is finally over, all she wants to do is slow down. She and her family then embark on a sensory experience where they listen to the sounds around them, savor each and every bite, and notice and appreciate all sorts of ordinary wonders.

This gentle story is a reminder of what's possible when we all take the time to pause and marvel at the little things that surround us.

Listening With My Heart & Listening to My Body

Author: Gabi Garcia | Illustrator: Ying Hui Tan | Publisher: Skinned Knee Publishing